Please have your dog leashed or in a carrier. Cats are safest when in a carrier.

Fleas: Pets found to be infested with fleas will be given Capstar (an oral fast acting over the counter flea medication) and a flea bath at an additional charge of $15. Please inform us prior to the groom if you suspect your pet has fleas.

Shave downs: We do not recommend shaving down double coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers. Shedding can be controlled with regular grooming. The fur of a properly groomed double coated breed serves to regulate body temperature. Matted dogs and cats will be shaved down to spare them the pain of dematting.

Medical: Up to date rabies vaccination, as required by law, must be in effect, other vaccinations to protect your pet at owner's discretion. ill dogs should be kept home until well. Any dog with a chronic cough or fever should be seen by a veterinarian. Cats that have watery eyes and are sneezing should be seen by a veterinarian. Severely matted pets may have any number of conditions under mats, often the skin is irritated to the point of open sores. Ears with tight matting may develop hematomas either from the skin being compressed or from the dog shaking his/her head after the mats are removed. Occasionally, the skin may be cut when removing severe mats. You will be made aware of the dangers associated with removing the mats from a severely matted pet and assume responsibility for any medical treatment required. Some pets may need to have matting removed at a veterinarian's office if sedation is required.